Rhys Evans Q&A

Spartans new recruit Rhys Evans chats to us about his move to Croft Park and the teams progress over the summer.

Evans in action against Morpeth as Fat Kieron Dyer looks on

Q) So first of all how did the move to Blyth this summer come about?

A) After having a good season last season, I was hoping to go test myself at a higher level. Whilst I was on holiday I had heard a few rumours off people I knew Blyth were interested. Then once I got home a got a call off the gaffer and it was a no brainer from there really.

Q) For those who perhaps haven’t had a chance to see you play yet, what sort of player would you describe yourself as and what will you bring to the side?

A) I am a full back with plenty energy enthusiasm and pace to go join attacks and create chances.

Q) How much do you think you learned at Newcastle Benfield last season?

A) I learnt an incredible lot in the time I was at Benfield. Many lads who come out of the full time game have aspirations to go play as high as they can however, sometimes you need to take one step backwards before you take two forwards. The northern league is full of tough, experienced players and you learn a lot and get tested physically. I couldn’t thank the managers and staff I played under, during my time at Benfield, enough really.

Q) Were now just days away from the start of the new season, how would you describe the atmosphere in the dressing room amongst the lads at the moment?

A) Very good. For almost having a new team the crack is flowing and everyone is coming out their shells. There’s some real characters in changing room and there is a good mix of young and experience.

Q) How you’ve found playing with Scotty Fenwick so far? 😅

A) Scott is a great lad. He is good with the younger lads helping them along the way and we will need that throughout season. He’s a great player too and will score a lot of goals this season.  If he was chocolate he would 110% eat himself though never met a man who loves himself more than that guy.

Q) Lastly, how do you think the team will do this year and which one of new lads would you pick out as ‘one to watch’?

A) We are confident we can go do well. The changing room is full of hungry, down to earth lads who want to work hard, improve and succeed. And with the management team we have, I think we will do well. One to watch is hard, there’s a lot of talented young lads. I think for me Jake Orrell might just sneak it. Having played at Benfield with him I have seen what’s he’s capable of, and he has done well and scored goals in pre-season. Long may it continue.