Alfreton Awayday diary

The morning jaunt to the Commissioners seemed like a good idea when I left mine early doors, but within minutes of leaving the house, the heavens had opened. My choice to wear shorts quickly made me look like a right arse, although thankfully I wasn’t the only melt who’d made the error of judgement. 

It was strange having a half decent breakfast before an away game for once. Plus, the staff we’re canny as well. Most of the lads stuffed their faces on with the breakfast buffet and after a short a delay waiting for the bus, a quick refugee pick up in Seaton Delightful, we we’re off to Derbyshire. 

The journey down was a laugh, with poor Chrissy Lee taking the brunt of the stick for most of the journey down. Despite the driver’s best attempts to get us lost, we made to Aflreton’s ground by about 1pm. This did cause some panic amongst some of the local stewards, who almost didn’t know what to do when we arrived.

The clubhouse was like a morgue at first. Resulting in a few of us wondering off to a local pub for a few games of killer pool and Moretti’s.The Cannock lads soon met up with us and after a quick pint in the morgue, we headed into the ground.

Programme was a bit shite, as was the bait. I’ve no idea if Pieface bothered to test a Pie, but I only saw him make the one trip to the bait room this time so I’ll have to assume he didn’t. (ed: I’d also assume Gino’s had an order for two curry sauce covered kebabs upon his return home.) The bar in the ground was canny. Cans of Red Stripe – albeit warm as fuck  and a stunning barmaid certainly went down well with the lads. 

By the time kick off came, everyone was in good spirits. As the half progressed those good spirits faded quickly,as Spartans failed to create any clear-cut chances. Alfreton were by no means a good team at all, but they always looked as though they would score first. 

Before the end of the first half, I retreated to the bar to chat the barmaid up. Unfortunately, I missed Alfreton’s first goal. By the time the second half came around, it had begun to piss down again and the mood amongst the Spartans faithful was worsened even further, Alfreton had gone 2-0 up. The third goal for the hosts was enough to send a few back to the bar. Blyth did throw a little more at them after this, but a lack of quality in the final third meant the home side ran out 3-0 winners. 

In all honestly, I can’t put any positive spin on the football side of things at all. Much work is needed in pretty much every area of the pitch still. Although we do have some good players in that team, I’m not sure we know our best starting XI as well a preferred formation and tactical plan.

Despite the football, the bus home was a laugh as it usually is. Gary Allen and the Delaval lads were in fine form, as was DJ Tony Young. Some horrible fucker convinced Speedy he was going to be a Dad for a few hours as well, so I’ll be surprised if he slept at all last night.

Thankfully we got home in decent time, managing a few pints in the Commissioners before me and Pieface ended the night with a romantic meal for two at Deedars.

All in all, a really good day out if you take the football out of the equation. Good to get back on the road, see some old faces and have a laugh with the lads.

Hopefully things improve on the pitch, and improve quickly as well.